Director of Research

I am a Data Science professional with over 25 years of experience in delivering value and driving innovation in the global financial services sector.

Data Scientist

Spatial Risk Systems Inc.
New York, NY


  • Data Testing
  • Integration
  • Taxonomy

Vice President

New York, NY

Oversaw and maintained highest data standards related to the extensive support of an expanded 10 million global multi-asset class security master file which served as the foundation for desktop analytics, mobile applications, and comprehensive data feeds

  • Led a 17-person global research analyst team which supported a wide variety of external and internal stakeholders focused on product strategy to exceed both short and long-term goals tied to revenue
  • Directed expertise across products and market data content sets to address client workflows while influencing cross-departmental development and collaboration
  • Expanded quality assurance efforts through partnerships with global content collection teams that eliminated redundancies across database management systems
  • Responsible for building out key content metrics and methods of reporting that accelerated timeliness, coverage and accuracy via heavy utilization of SQL

Senior Content Manager

New York, NY


  • Oversaw daily maintenance and increased coverage of global multi-asset class security master file
  • Facilitated the coordination between dual security master files that serve internal infrastructure that supports numerous information processes and legacy dependencies driving client-facing product
  • Wide scale interaction with product development teams building a more integrated security master database container resulting in improved functionality for client data feeds
  • Continued development and management of 12-member global research analyst team focused on maintaining securities data integrity, coverage and support resulting in improved product offerings
  • Optimized team building efforts with staff by organizing group activities that enhanced camaraderie and pride in job responsibilities resulting in increased productivity and retention rate

Quality Assurance Manager

New York, NY


  • Global multi-asset class security master file maintenance – responsible for timely and accurate updating of global corporate actions including mergers & acquisitions applied to institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder share ownership information
  • Successfully deployed a pioneering 4-member analyst team in Manila, Philippines expanded to 10
  • Mentored, motivated and monitored the performance of a 5-member quality assurance team
  • Ensured resolution between share issue driven identification schemes (CUSIP/SEDOL/ISIN/TICKER)
  • Led, managed and prioritized issue-to-issuer mappings with positive impact on Enterprise Data Management product eventually resulting in over $1 million in data feed revenue
  • Client support – addressed questions, resolved issues raised by both external and internal clients
  • Created documentation to enhance end users’ understanding of desktop product and data feeds concerning ownership information

Editor at Large

Leadership Directories
New York, NY


  • Provided strategic guidance to Head of Research Department concerning data collection efforts with focus on research and database management
  • Coordinated cross-departmental research methodologies
  • Worked with multiple online services client support efforts

Director of Research

Legend Staffing
New York, NY


  • Reported directly to President of company providing consistent superior execution capability in the following areas of coverage: Research, Database Management and Advertising
  • Coordinated all research support to a team of recruiters, including Internet mining utilizing the firm’s proprietary database and various other resume banks
  • Worked directly with recruiters to develop a cohesive search and research strategy, based on positions specifications and requirements of the client organizations
  • Built and managed flow of critical business information to all levels of the company
  • Managed advertising efforts and posting of all available job openings online utilizing HTML
  • Data Importing on a regular basis and maintained the agency’s database management, to ensure that all content was accurate and up-to-date
  • Strategic consultation to management team that contributed to company’s growth and development

Vice President Global Research

New York, NY


  • Managed global research operations, human resources and financial resources required to create comprehensive, accurate business-to-business contact information containing 70,000 corporations worldwide with over 500,000 key decision-making executives in 47 different job functions
  • Monitored job performance activities and professional development of a 30-person global research staff, including the training and development of a 4-member management team
  • 35% of year spent traveling overseas and domestically building teams at offsite locations in London, England, Manila, Philippines and Omaha, Nebraska
  • Fostered an innovative research methodology to achieve the highest levels of data accuracy in the business-to-business database industry
  • Established a motivating ‘pay-for-performance’ based bonus plan resulting in reduced operating costs and increased staff productivity
  • Oversaw data vendor relationships and product development initiatives improving content offering
  • Provided critical daily client support through one-on-one training and group presentations
  • Successful in maximizing and staying within $1.5 million annual budget
  • Responsible for creating an annual business plan, budget and cost/benefit analysis of yearly research goals

Senior Research Director

New York, NY


  • Managed idEXEC global research operations and database content for business-to-business products
  • Established global research operations which included site selection, remote management and training of international staffs in London, England and Manila, Philippines
  • Responsible for all job performance activities and professional development of 15-person staff consisting of 12 analysts and 3 content managers
  • Created successful interviewing and hiring procedures within research department which resulted in high employee retention rates

Specializing in

  • Proven leadership, management, organizational, and analytical abilities
  • Strong communicator capable of being effective at all organizational levels
  • Ability to manage and work on more than one project independently or with a team
  • Exceptional eye for detail concerning Data and Business Analysis
  • Deep knowledge of relational database environments/database management systems/SQL
  • Robust experience with Corporate Actions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, Market Data
  • Very familiar with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and other global regulatory authorities
  • Skilled usage of FactSet Products & Data, Interactive Data APEX, SIX Financial Information
  • Proficient German: speaking, reading, writing

Strategic Leadership

Proven leadership, management, organizational, and analytical abilities

Meta Data Strategist

Deep knowledge of relational database environments/database management systems/SQL

Mergers and Acquisitions

Robust experience with Corporate Actions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, Market Data