SRS/EDI Publish Report on US Presidential Elections


SRS/EDI Publish Report on US Presidential Elections

New York, October 29th, 2020

The Few Decide for the Many

Exchange Data International (EDI) in partnership with Woobler, has published a study on the critical role played by voters in the eight key swing states.

Utilizing SRS’s US demographic database and referencing the 2016 results, the EDI team discovered that the 2016 Presidential election hinged on just 26.61% of the electorate and the result was decided by merely 0.52% of the total voters in these states. The study also highlighted that a low turnout rate in 2016 was a major contributing factor to Trump’s victory.

Ken Zockoll, CEO of SRS, commented: 

“Leveraging its demographic knowledge graph, SRS has been able to connect and visualize publicly available data, producing some interesting statistical information on previous US Presidential elections. We are excited to be working with EDI on a public service announcement stressing the importance of voter participation. Under the current US electorate system, low voter turnout may not always reflect the true wishes of eligible American voters.”

SRS’s proprietary US demographic knowledge graph dataset consists of seven geographic levels, eight-core subject categories and more than 615 million attributes.

Read the investigation:

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