Spatial Risk Systems

Spatial Risk Systems is an innovative data and analytics company focused on building a playing field level data base enabling institutions to accurately assess risks and opportunities at the underlying asset locations of their investment, transaction, and operating activities.

Founded by data science leaders from the financial sector, SRS quantifies risk by unifying, standardizing, and analyzing empirical data sources, helping investors to better understand ESG and sustainable investing outcomes, from a facility to a large-scale geographic perspective.

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"Institutional investors are now starting to look at fact-based facility-level Climate, Carbon, Environmental, and Socio-Economic and other geospatial data in measuring and quantifying spatial risks." - Buy-Side Portfolio Manager

Problem: Financial Risk Analysis at the Physical Asset Level requires the engineering of a new data layer with integrations of dozens of spatial-level and climate related data sources

  • Organizing this data was complex, expensive and the execution risk was high.
  • Previously existing methods to measure physical risks were bespoke and expensive.
  • Asset location data was contributed on a company-by-company basis making portfolio or sector analysis once impossible to achieve.

Solution: SRS Spatial Knowledge Graph Generative AI Ready Data

Dozens of Sources Compressed and Standardized into Two Dimension Asset Owners and Physical Assets

Simplified data ingest into Existing Workflows and Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Our holistic approach considers Climate, Carbon, Environmental, and Socio-Economic factors alongside traditional risk indicators. We delve into a myriad of geospatial data points to provide a granular, facility-level risk analysis. This allows our clients to append location-based factors to their existing portfolio analytics, creating a multidimensional, data-driven view of their investments.

Portfolio Managers

Can portfolio managers ignore the spatial-level risks associated with their portfolio companies?

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Research Analysts

Over 270 spatial-level risk factors to choose from in four major categories

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Data Science Professionals

By standardizing hundreds of separate data schemas into a single knowledge graph solution optimized for AI

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M&A and Private Equity

Whether conducting company due diligence, spatial-level makeup, and exposures for sectors and industries...

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Real Estate Investors

State-of-the-art tools to evaluate the location-based vulnerability of assets to climate and demographic change.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

By leveraging SRS' global map of facility location, function, and ownership, users can understand...

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SRS Data Intelligence

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Integrate Spatial Factors into Your Risk Analysis

Aggregating facility-level risk to corporate and government identifiers revolutionizes the way users evaluate spatial-level risks. This process allows for an enhanced understanding of potential vulnerabilities and threats to portfolios and investments, enriching the decision-making process with a new dimension of insight.

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The SRS Vistra Corp

Vistra - An interactive look at facility level risk.

View Vistra’s entire portfolio of power generation facilities, nationwide. View their urban and rural contexts and discover which face climate impact vulnerabilities, which place the value of the facility at risk. This geospatial map of the power generation portfolio of Vistra Corp., one of over 2000 power facility owners in the US, gives you a detailed, facility level view of their carbon impact as well as the climate and environmental risks to each of their plants.

Ownership Tree.

The SRS Vistra Corp. power generation facility ownership tree.

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