Corporate Asset Class

With over 8,000 Public and Private Issuers, 570,000 asset locations. SRS provides a turn-key solution illuminating hundreds of key factors for both Corporate Level and Facility Level Spatial Factors for use in Portfolio Analytics, Fundamental Research, and Credit/Risk Analysis

  • Climate/Physical Risks
  • Facility-Level GHG Emissions
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Socio-Economic Conditions
  • Historical Weather Events

US Municipal Asset Class

18,000 Issuers, 1.1 million securities.

  • City Governments
  • School Districts
  • County Governments
  • State Governments
  • Revenue Authority Issuers
With over 270 factors, including 18 Climate/Natural Disaster risks, historical weather event history, and associated storm damages spanning to 1950, SRS enables comprehensive insights for investment managers, underwriters, and issuers.


Comprehensive data solution for underwriters, brokers, and carbon credit trading.

  • 270 Risk Factors tracked down to Facility and Census Tract Levels.
  • 1.5 million weather events back to 1950 with $ Damages.
  • The Definitive Global Source for Asset Level GHG Emissions Linked to Corporate Parents

• Weather Event: Texas : Wind : 19950505-19950505 : $2220.0 M• Weather Event: Florida : Tornado : 19930312-19930313 : $3134.9 M• Weather Event: Texas : Tornado : 19700511-19700511 : $1820.9 M• Weather Event: Ohio : Tornado : 19740403-19740403 : $1464.3 M• Weather Event: Nebraska : Tornado : 19750506-19750506 : $1321.2 M• Weather Event: Michigan : Tornado : 19650411-19650411 : $2238.4 M• Weather Event: Massachusetts : Tornado : 19530609-19530609 : $2622.7 M• Weather Event: Louisiana : Tornado : 19781203-19781203 : $1038.2 M• Weather Event: Kansas : Tornado : 19660608-19660608 : $2169.3 M• Weather Event: Indiana : Tornado : 19740403-19740403 : $1464.3 M

Supply Chain

Model Impacts of Real-Time Weather and Political Events on Asset Locations, Supply Chains, and Commodities
Hurricane Ian (2022) - Key infrastructure assets potentially impacted by the storm path

Financial Institution Stress Testing

SRS spatial-level knowledge graph solution provides a comprehensive picture Physical Risk Exposures, Environmental Impacts, Expected Annnual Losses, and weather event history with $ damages back to 1950.

  • CECL (Current Expected Credit Losses)
  • CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review)

Major US Bank – (2018-2022) Census tract level mortgage originations aggregated by top physical risks.

Real Estate Development | Investing

SRS’s spatial-level knowledge graph provides a simple turn-key solution for anyone involved in real estate develop, investing and site selection to connect thousands of spatial level attributes with a specific point on the map.

o Top Physical Risks
o Expected Annual Losses
o Storm Event History

o GHG/Carbon Emissions
o Toxic Release
o Air Quality
o Water Quality
o Proximity to Potential Hazards

o Population/Age
o Income/Poverty
o Education
o Key Health Indicators


AI Training Data Sets

Much has been written about how knowledge graphs are foundational to AI, Large Language Models, and generative AI. In SRS’ spatial-level knowledge graph where ever data point is connected to any other data point is a major source for fact based training sets. No fabricated data. Real Facts.

  • Climate
  • Environmental
  • Socio-Economic
  • Facility Location, Function and Ownership